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... hink he may be having absent seisures. He spaces out sometimes and stares at the wall. I've been noticing at night he has episodes which i'm not sure if they are seisures too. He sits up and bites his lips or chews sometimes his body with jerk..and somtime he lets out a big gasp ... ... (0 replies)
... hink he may be having absent seisures. He spaces out sometimes and stares at the wall. I've been noticing at night he has episodes which i'm not sure if they are seisures too. He sits up and bites his lips or chews sometimes his body with jerk..and somtime he lets out a big gasp ... ... (2 replies)
... lilly mixed bread 1 year,used to have cluster seisures(4- 5 mild ones )every 10 days before terapy with gardenale (Phenobarbitale),after 1/4 cpr of 50 mg,still have seisure ,only 2 each 9 days,after treated with 1/2 cpr of 50 mg become having cluster seisures who stoped only in emergency hospital,they grow up the dose to 3/4 cpr of phenobarbital,she felt worst the seisures... (0 replies)

... Sounds like my 7 year old as well. He just sat up a few nights ago drooling and moving him arm. It was a seizure and at the end he also let out a gasp. He was diagnosed 2 years ago with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and is on Trileptal once a day before bed as he only gets the seizures between 5:30 and 6:30am. Has to do with coming out of a certain stage of sleep. The ped... (2 replies)
... I'm kind of sorry to say, but that sounds exactly how I started. When I was 7 I had both petit mal (space out) seizures and grand mal (convulsion) seizures. I don't know for sure, but the doctor will probably ask you to tell him exactly what you've told here and he might want to get an EEG. I wish you and your son the best. (2 replies)
Quitting smoking
May 27, 2004
... I'v had e since I was 6 weeks old. I'm 25 now. I'm going to quit smoking on june 1st and I was wondering if any one has had trouble with this causing auras or seisures for them. I am on tegertolCR and my seisures are controlled but my anxiety level is high. ... (2 replies)
... st need to monitor your dosage to see what strength you need to be taking. He's been on it for at least 7 years but he also has a implanted device that help with seisures and that has cut them down to mayb 4 a year compared to the 2 aweek he use to have . But to answer your question Keppra has been good for him. ... (8 replies)
... ss of its location, and it not triger a person to have seizures, so I say your boy is lucky. I hit my head at the age of 6, by the age of 12 started having minal seisures and by 17 grand mals, which is when I was told I had right temporal Mesial sclerosis casued by the head injury many yrs prior. ... (4 replies)
... :cool: Hey i'm fairly new to this site and have epilepsy,since 97. I'm 39 and I have major stress related seisures,and especially during menstration,:(.The point being is I use marijuana during these times and it has helped me considerably.I know evryone does not react the same,so be careful,my neuro knows about this and believes this has helped. I suggest you talk to your... (10 replies)
Wada test
Aug 13, 2008
... Jim and Ashley, You're welcome! I've had epilepsy since I was a kid. It's been determined that it began when I was about 4-6 mths. And kept under very good controll until I hit my teens. My seisures were always blank stares-I never had auros. Then xmas of 1999 had my first grand mal seizure. Was admitted to the hospital-my regular neuro came to see me the next... (17 replies)
... Topamax is a good choice, that's what they put me on as well. Several things to look for with this med...decrease in appetite, trouble sleeping and possible memory/concentration problems (at higher doses). Gastrointestinal issues are rare, but I do have them - just things to look out for. Everyone's seizures are different, so noone can say for sure what your daughter's... (8 replies)
... The doctor started her on topamax about two weeks ago. For right now, she feels that it is the best choice because it is used for both migranes and seisure control. She is gradually increasing the amount she takes, so she isn't yet at a full dosage, and continues to have some of the symptoms that I listed. I have observed some of the problems when she has been with me. ... (8 replies)
... This certainly sounds like they could be seizures to me, especially since she's had an abnormal EEG. I can relate as mine also start off in the left temporal lobe. Just curious...does the abnormality in the EEG indicate a problem in the left temporal lobe or is it a general slowing and spiking? These are some questions to ask. If the MRI doesn't show anything, and she's... (8 replies)
... I am sometimes conscious during grandmal seisures and had some strange events. ... (2 replies)
... ncusion that left me in a hospital for a week and unconsious for three days. It could be an overstep of that and I didn't know if something like that could cause seisures as well. ... (5 replies)
Advice please
Feb 17, 2007
... hi-ya darl it sucks does'nt it - i've been having seizures now for a while but haven't had 1 since january 06 touch wood - i hate the worry it causes my partner and family and friends - i also take meds twice a day (which i hate just quietly) but i've learned my lesson over the years if i stop takin the meds then i eventually end up havin several grand mal seisures and that's... (4 replies)
... my son has had siezures for over 30 years from a stroke from post menengitis brain anurysm at 10 months old did not have the seizures for 4 years and just in the past 3 years has been under control neorontin added to his other meds which are many gave the other meds more control he does have the xtra seisures when he is ill we usually try to keep his low grade fevers... (4 replies)
... hard not to look for excuses for behaviour but I do know for sure that if she is going to be irritable and not seizure, she gets far less out of life than if she seisures and has fun in between. I will have to give it some time. ... (13 replies)
... my sister has sb, vp shunt and seisures. she handles it pretty well. she's 3 years old and learns sign langauge to help her talk better. she also can walk which doctors thought she never would. my advice is just to pray. :) :angel: thanks! krystle (3 replies)
... It is so awful how we get labaled as drug users and how are condtions arn't taken serious .Wow just look what happened to sunflower11 it was a tumer causing the seisures and she was told to go home and sober up she could of died .Thank god you went to another hospital who did take it serious. I'm glade your ok . ... (25 replies)

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