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... am. He had a seizure last year the day after thanksgiving. ... (24 replies)
... butting my front door "Steel door which I dented". That night I had a sleeping seizure. I woke up with Paramedics in my bedroom which my GF had called. I had the CT Scan, The MRi and the EEG done soon there after with no real results. ... (24 replies)
... At first, my husband thought our son was going to vomit but quickly realized it as a seizure from years in law enforcement. We called 911 immediately. ... (4 replies)

Sleep seizure?
Feb 8, 2013
... Someone should be sleeping with her to witness these seizures, keep a journal as well to document when they happen and what happens, write down everything. ... (1 replies)
... I've had sleeping seizures and daytimers too. The one thing that I've noticed is that the seizures seem to come at a time when I am relaxed. ... (23 replies)
... awww im sorry your going thru this...well try not to have a panic attack if you panic it will only cause more trouble..but these probably are break thru seizures...sorry you probably dont want to hear that...but after being on a medcine for so long it doesnt work like it use to...i am on zonegram for simple partial seizures but i have 50 seizures a day.. been on it too long..... (3 replies)
... and my gall bladder out, I got little sleep about a week after and I don't remember having any problems with lack of sleep. Sometimes I have insomnia and have sleeping pills from my dr if I need them. So I have had many nights of little sleep and have been ok. ... (3 replies)
... o son that had his first seizure when he was about 5 months old then he didn't have another one until he was 2. ... (0 replies)
... Hello all to this thread, I do also get seizures while sleeping....but strange thing is, is that i ONLY get seizures while sleeping??? Never while awake (expect for a few seizure after though). I guess something happens to my brain when i'm sleeping....hmmmmm Though the only problem is that I don't know if my medication is working or if my seizures have... (24 replies)
... I am 23 and my husbands 1st seizure was in July. I am kinda more in your boat because we are both young and dont know what to do. ... (9 replies)
... She had a seizure today and something happened that has never happened before. At the onset of her seizure she screamed. Has anyone heard of that before? ... (29 replies)
Grandmal seizure?
Oct 12, 2008
... e I woke up for a minute afterwards and told her how tired I was and fell asleep and started snoring. She tried to wake me up but couldn't. After about 5 mins of sleeping I was very confused and agitated. I didn't know my last name and what had happened. ... (9 replies)
... Unless someone hears you when you are having a night time seizure it isn't always easy to know you've had one. ... (24 replies)
... My seven year old has had 3 seizures in a year. They only happen at night when he is sleeping and they start off with him coughing once and then a loud violent vomit. ... (2 replies)
... Most of his seizure activity tends to be when he is sleeping, late at night, during the night, or most often first thing in the morning before he wakes. ... (1 replies)
... eeping", my son is 3 yrs old, just turned 3, and he has been having them while he is asleep, and i didnt notice at the time but have now came to realize that the seizure are on one part of his body, but affects his whole face.. ... (23 replies)
... ad no clue that I was having seizures. Even people who slept next to me didn't notice. After many years of waking up feeling tired and out of it, I finally had a seizure while awake in front of my roommate and she called 911. ... (15 replies)
... I'll get straight to it..I'm new to this board.. I had a grand mal seizure about 4 months ago in the middle of the night while I was sleeping..I woke up in the hospital and spent a day or two in there.. ... (4 replies)
... Those are the two things that happen to me when I have a seizure. When that happens a lot of time I am able to get up and going shortly after. I do not usually bite my tongue except in when I have a seizure. There have been a few times that I have also had the urine problem after one comes. And that did used to be the type I had a bit. With me there are no real signs... (5 replies)
... Wow, I had one GM seizure, and I remember a lot of it, and my doctors basically told me that was impossible to remember so much of the actual seizure. But I was in bed, and I had been having really bad auras all night, to the point where I was having trouble sleeping, and my neck was really sore from the complex partial seizures. And then all of a sudden, I had another complex... (32 replies)

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