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... ing I have experienced for 43 years! It started when I was 20. I ran out of the house because I thought something was on fire or there was a gas leak. But the smell followed me and I knew it was in my own head. I went to many doctors, none of whom understood my condition. ... (6 replies)
... I am being evaluated for possible seizures. after ENT asessment and referral to a neurologist, the neurologist suspects my smell distortion may be seizure activity. While I await my EEG appointment, I'm just gathering information and of course, wondering. ... (6 replies)
... year old female, I work out all the time eat healthy etc and have nothing that stands out in my medical history aside from a few broken bones in the past and a seizure when I was an infant. My family history on my dads side is full of epilepsy my grandfather had it since childhood, as well as my uncle and various cousins. ... (0 replies)

... I've had a similar reaction where my senses of taste and smell are different or distorted from my otherwise "normal" senses. For instance, things that usually taste good to me, don't... ... (6 replies)
Jun 18, 2008
... I had a pretty major seizure recently at work. I had mild epilepsy as a child but have been seizure free and off any medication for over 20 years. It was quite a shock since it had been so long and I live a health life. ... (2 replies)
... and then my nose starts itching and I should know that a seizure is about to come. ... (6 replies)
... I can be walking my dog, have a simple partial seizure and I'll barely miss a beat. ... (6 replies)
... I have a very odd thing that can trigger a seizure for me. It's mostly under control now with meds, but I often "test" myself and find that I can still feel odd, almost like I could have one but don't. ... (29 replies)
... Can dreams where you feel pain and smell things be a seizure. Sometimes when I wake up I am still in pain just like in the dream. I am afraid it will happen again. This is very scary because the Dr. ... (6 replies)
... day in to the hospital stay she starts having seizures during her sleep. About a month ago while in another state she was diagnosed via EEG with Complex Partial Seizure Disorder. We had never witnessed a seizure but she has had several falls over the years so we just assumed this accounted for all the falls. ... (0 replies)
... I don't get an aura where I smell things or hear things...but I'm very aware when I'm vulnerable to a seizure. My thoughts will start racing. My counsciousness seems to split in two... ... (6 replies)
... Sounds like Simple Partial Seizures (Auras) to me. I've had them for ever it seems. Sometimes it's just confusion. Sometimes it's intense fear. Sometimes it's deja-vu. Sometimes it's all of the above. What usually happens to me is an odd feeling like something is very wrong... but I have no idea what's wrong, where it is or who is involved. It's almost a psychic... (19 replies)
... lantin but then because of a rash i was swiched to tegrotel. i take 600mg a day,i'm also on celexa for eating disorder and depression. My question is this. i was seizure free for about five months, and now i started to have them again. I get this funny smell and taste in my mouth. The smell is hard to explain as is the taste. ... (0 replies)
... I didn't have a weird smell or black out or even feel weird like I do with SPS. I don't take seizure meds because of the side effects. I wish there was a med that i could take that didn't make me feel spacey. ... (2 replies)
First seizure
Mar 13, 2010
... am new to the board and also new to having seizures...or so I thought. Last wednesday I woke up to paramedics standing over me. Apparently I had had a grand mal seizure in my sleep and my boyfriend had called emergency when I stopped breathing. I was extremely disoriented and confused. ... (3 replies)
... There are 3 or 4 kennels in the US that train seizure alert dogs. Most of them are trained from pups to the age of 3. ... (18 replies)
... I have nocturnal seizures, and the smell thing really bugs me at times, too. ... (6 replies)
... For all those years I had sps before the first GM, I always could smell a funny chemical smell along with every sps... kind of like nail polish remover and glue. This went away after the first GM. ... (27 replies)
... On the weekend I was cleaning up the kitchen and thought I could smell something... not burning but kind of wet burnt? ... (27 replies)
... is all i can say. I sat down and my wife asked what is wrong. I could hear her but could not speak. She thought I as joking. I wanted to tell her I was having a seizure but could not speak. I remember everything to that point. Then hours later I woke up in the hospital strapped in to a bed. It was surreal. ... (9 replies)

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