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... I do also get seizures while sleeping....but strange thing is, is that i ONLY get seizures while sleeping? ... (24 replies)
... My husband started having seizures in his sleep just over one year ago. He is in his early 30's and has had around 10 grand mal seizures so far. He is sick the whole day after having one, so even if I'm not in bed at the time we know he's had one. ... (24 replies)
... butting my front door "Steel door which I dented". That night I had a sleeping seizure. I woke up with Paramedics in my bedroom which my GF had called. I had the CT Scan, The MRi and the EEG done soon there after with no real results. ... (24 replies)

... anky at times. They also did not totally controll his seizures. WHile that is very frustrating, it is even worse on this side of the fence KNOWING he is seizing, while sleeping and I have no medication to help stem the tide of these! ... (24 replies)
... Hi Kayakmom- Thank you sooo much for taking the time to respond. It has really meant a lot to me. I feel that your story and your advise is beneficial and I will definately take your advise about the neuropsych testing. This forum is great, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you and your family the best, as I know exactly what you are going through. If you are a... (24 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone else has events while sleeping that are like mine. ... (24 replies)
... at might have been discussed in your thread already, i seen the topic "seizure's while sleeping", my son is 3 yrs old, just turned 3, and he has been having them while he is asleep, and i didnt notice at the time but have now came to realize that the seizure are on one part of his body, but affects his whole face.. ... (23 replies)
... I too started getting seizures in my sleep around the age of 15....we did not know the cause. ... (9 replies)
Night seizures?
Aug 6, 2007
... I was diagnosed with having seizures in my sleep because of sleep apnea. I am going Wednesday for the treatment portion of the sleep test to try out the CPAP. ... (23 replies)
... Ok just for the record my 6 year old son has this very same problem it started when he was 2.5years old. In that time he did have some 25 seizures while sleeping. ... (15 replies)
Night seizures?
May 18, 2007
... I've had only 8 GM's... the first in October '01. All were while sleeping and somewhere between 1am and 5am. ... (23 replies)
... I have had a similar problem, but easily got over it. All 8 of my Gran Mal seizures probably have been triggered by a form of sleep apnea. I was asleep on my back for all of them. Mine is different than the regular kind. ... (8 replies)
... I've had sleeping seizures and daytimers too. The one thing that I've noticed is that the seizures seem to come at a time when I am relaxed. ... (23 replies)
... I am desperate for some help for my son's seizures when he gets a stomach virus. He is 13 and has had seizures for 2 years. However, he only has seizures while sleeping. They say his EEG showed he has left temporal lobe complex partial seizures, and can find no abnormalities on the MRI. ... (1 replies)
... I have never been able to pin down when at what time in the night the seizures occur. I simply remember the moments before I pass out. When I wake up I just know that it happened. ... (23 replies)
... eeg, ekg, vision tests, hearing tests, etc. Only to prove nothing. In July, I witnessed him have a seizure type activity while he was asleep. It happened again that same night after I went to sleep and several times since. We are wondering if it is happening more often than we know.... ... (0 replies)
... When i was little my doctor told me i have seizures when i am sleeping so i was wondering how do u know if your having one when your sleeping? ... (24 replies)
... twice daily. However, a few months ago when he experienced three weeks of multiple nightly seizures I, as per his neuro, increased his dosage to 300 mg. twice daily. ... (24 replies)
... hild was misdiagnosed with reflux as a younger child. Our child is now 8 and although he is now taking Neurontin and Dilantin, he continues to suffer from sleep seizures numerous times a week. Our child has tried numerous meds, one of which was phenobarbital, and nothing seems to rid this disorder. ... (24 replies)
... Unless someone hears you when you are having a night time seizure it isn't always easy to know you've had one. My husband usually has grand mal seizures at night so it is much easier for him to know he's had one even if I'm not in bed when it happens because he is normally out of commission all day afterwards. ... (24 replies)

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