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... hi folks please help, i am in my mid 20's, jme, 1000mg of epilim/depakote/sod valproate(same drug) 2 x 500mg per day well controlled, tried lamictal did not work, nor tegretol. want to get pregnant in 2/3 yrs time, any woman had safe births, any probs, am i on a high dose etc please help......... thanks julie :bouncing: :yawn: :confused: (10 replies)
... Hi Julie, I'm on same dose as u but don't take it all the time! on tegretol yrs ago, didn't like it! epilim makes my hair go curly, really annoying! unlike u, I've never wanted kids BUT u need to be careful on epilim as it may cause your kid to be born with spina bifida, not good! pregnancy needs to be planned with regards to epilim & reduced or whatever to reduce risks. take... (10 replies)
... Tanya, Thanks for your kind thoughts. I hope everything goes well with your specialist. I would not swap my children for anything, we were fully aware of the risks of epilim with our 2nd. I posted because of the recent publicity in the UK between folic acid and breast cancer. Best Wishes Pops (10 replies)

... Pops, Thank so much for your input. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this time has been for you. I hope that you have lots of love and support around you. My thoughts are with you. Tanya (10 replies)
... New member. Recently been to the specialist ref Foetal Valporate syndrome in children. My 8 year old son suffers from this. He has low muscle tone, impaired fine motor skills and is socially and emotionally behind his peers by about 2 years. He has recently been diagnosed as having autistic spectrum disorder. My wife took 1.6mg og epilim and .2mg of tegretol daily when he was... (10 replies)
... Hi, I just wanted to say that I took epilim (3000mg/day) with my son as well as lamictal and klonopin. I took 10mg folic acid the whole time and he turned out fine. I do want to say that since I started taking epilim, it reallly messed my body up. My periods stopped and I got PCOS. I wasn't ovulating and my periods were so messed up. It took 2 years to finally get my body back... (10 replies)
... I went to see a new neuro yesterday and found out some VERY interesting new info on Depakote/Epilim. Recent studies in Australia and Europe have indicated that there is a threshold level of this drug, below which the birth defects associated seem to drop off dramatically. This level is 1100mg per day. The findings were published in the Journal of Neuroscience a few months ago... (10 replies)
... hi tanya, i got a msg on another msg board from an eeg technician, she said as long as i took 5mg of folic acid or more per day at least 3months b4 conception, i have approx the same chance of having a birth defect child as a woman not taking epilim..*********.php?t=1105 :D (10 replies)
... tanya keep in touch let me know how things go for u... best wishes xx juls :wave: (10 replies)
... thanks ladies! appreciate it, because u have been on epilim so long has that effected your fertility? i have been on it almost 9 years, i really don't know what to do, it sounds awful but i would not be able to see my child have to live with such disabilities/defects, it is not a proper life, people have been telling me to adopt, but i want my own, 2 at least. i know it is... (10 replies)
... Hi guys, I am currently on 1200mg of Epilium and 150mg of Lamictal. I have been on Epilium since I was 15 months old. Because of the long term use of it I have now got buckleys of ever getting pregnant. On top of that my neuro says the risks to the fetus is extremly high if you take Epilium while pregnant. The risks go from still born/misscarriage, sever physical... (10 replies)
... Julie, I understand where you are at exactly. I have tried the 'safe' ones and have reacted badly to them so am back on Epilim. I deparately want to have children now but am so unsure about going down that path on this medication (as is my partner). I really struggle with the potential consequences - I am sure you understand. I would also love some input from others who... (10 replies)
So,am i doomed?
Nov 14, 2003
... Hello Art And Howdy...thanks for responding.Yes,i guess that answer was always hovering somewhere at the back of my mind.For my part,i would'nt mind continuing antiepileptic drugs for the rest of my life..infact,it'd do my psyche a lot of good,knowing there's something looking out for me through troubled times.The only thing i'm bothered about is the long term potential of... (5 replies)

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