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... Stress can be a huge trigger for seizures. I am not sure what your neuro means by stress seizure disorder, however. Is he saying that they are brought on by high stress? ... (20 replies)
... If I am having "Stress Seizure Disorder" then why do I have seizures when I am relaxed? ... (20 replies)
... The Neuro can't say if I have epiplepsy or not. He has diagnosed me with stress related seizure disorder for now, I started out on Dilantin and that was horrible. It didn't control the smaller seizures that followed. I tried Trilepital and wanted to kill myself. ... (20 replies)

... Sometimes you get a stress or psuedo seizure diagnosis when the EEG does not pick up a seizure. BUT it is possible to have them so deep in the brain that the scalp electrodes cannot pick it up..... ... (20 replies)
... I forgot to say, the Neuro came up with the Stress diagnosis because during a EEG I had a seizure and it was not coming from my brain. ... (20 replies)
... where the seizure starts is opposite of what side the seizure is seen on... ... (20 replies)
... of the population WILL have a one time seizure sometime in their life and this will not be epilepsy. ... (20 replies)
... THAT is part of a complex partial seizure! Lip smacking, jaw moving......very classic signs. has your son gone with you to neuro appointments? An eye witness can really help (20 replies)
... Also, I wanted to add, I was telling my son about reading a post where someone talked about smacking their lips during a seizure. He says I do that as well. I also make faces by moving my jaw as if it is too tight, that is how he knows I am going to have one? Does that sound familiar to anyone? Shelly (20 replies)
... thought I was making the seizures "happen in my head". He said there was no possible way for me to do it. He wants me to see a therapist to relieve some of the stress in my life and I have found one that I like. I have no problem with that. ... (20 replies)
... I don't feel like I have any more stress then the next person, so I am a bit confused on his diagnosis. ... (20 replies)
... I have been on 400 mg of Dilantin ever since and have had no recuring seizures though the EEG said my brain waves show "seizure disorder tendancy". ... (11 replies)
... depressants about as long as seizure medicine and only trouble with the Wellbutrin. Hope this helps. ... (11 replies)
... I had my 1st seizure about a few weeks ago. My husband called 911 when he woke up to hear me making sounds and struggling. ... (0 replies)
... I've had depression pretty much my whole life. On meds for the past 11 years. I've been on lexapro 10mg for about 3 years. I've also had a seizure disorder for most of that time, just diagnosed this summer. ... (11 replies)
... My license was never taken away because I never had a GM seizure while awake, even though I was advised not to drive after one for awhile. ... (19 replies)
... may have had a drop seizure in middle school. ... (2 replies)
... stress seizure disorder".....Man, I'd want some serious clarification on that one.... ... (14 replies)
... My Neuro has diagnosed me with a stress seizure disorder. Yet, no one else seems to have ever heard of such a thing. Even other docs sort of look at me sideways. ... (14 replies)
... epileptic stress related seizures. ... (6 replies)

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