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... Hi l know what your feeling too well!!! I still havnt had a good nights sleep in 2 years (just over)!!!! Its terrifying. My daughter was just dxn a few months ago with left temple epilepsy (sorry l still dont know all the fancy terms!! This is a fantastic place and you will meet loads of us in the same boat. My daughters just about to start meds im in turmoil about it l dont... (7 replies)
... lobe epilepsy often start in childhood. ... (16 replies)
... hi im wondering if you can help, My partner has temple lobe epilepsy on the left and has stopped taking his meds as he doesn't like them. ... (16 replies)

... what is temple lobe epilepsy ? ... (16 replies)
... I have left temporal lobe seizures (partial complex) and it means that the abnormal brain wave activity (the reason for his seizures) is a problem with the brain in the left temporal lobe. (On the left side of his head, near his temple). (16 replies)
... o daughter was just diagnosed with epilepsy yesterday. She had a seizure about 15 months ago, which was never really explained to us what "type" it was.. ... (12 replies)
... Not that this is the case with everyone,but,pay attention to if the seizures come around time of her menses,if it does let the doctors know.I have always had TLE,but,in my case it was also called catamenial epilepsy.Believe it or not,I had seizures for 22 years until my ex realised my seizures always came right before or after that time of the month,my parents nor I never... (7 replies)
... Sorry to hear your daughter has TLE. I can only tell you how I have been medicated. I started having siezures from about 8 years old, but was never diagnosed with epilepsy (probably because I didn't have full siezures, just blank expression and gone for a moment). they seemed to subside for quite a few years, which I am told is not uncommon. At about 44 years old they came... (7 replies)
... Stress would certainly increase her chances of having seizures. If it is TLE, I'm not sure how the treatments would be different from epilepsy involving other areas of the brain, except that anti-seizure medications are less likely to be effective. I think what distinguishes TLE are the types of reactions during seizures. (7 replies)
... Hi Laura: I very much appreciate your input! My seizure focus is in my Left Temporal Lobe. I too have, monthly, partial complex seizures. I have been experiencing these seizures for 50 years and have been on meds for 40 years. The WADA test confirmed my speech center is located in my left temporal lobe. The test also revealed I have equal, if not better, memory... (16 replies)
... Through my research, I have been informed that temporal lobe epilepsy is not hereditary. Rather, it is precipitated by trauma to the brain. The trauma can be from an impact or high fever. ... (16 replies)
... We're restricted on posting links here, but you can do a search on TLE, or temporal lobe epilepsy. The seizures originate from the temporal lobe of the brain. It's a recurrent condition. (16 replies)
... I am undergoing right temple lobe surgery on the 12th of novermber too, I am 29 and suffer numerous types of seizures since I was 15. ... (9 replies)
... minutes. When the feeling passes, it leaves me with a pain down each side of my temple and the feeling that something is pressing on my head and I feel tired for one or two hours afterwards, otherwise I carry on as normal. ... (5 replies)
... The other day I woke up and found that my left eye and that side of my temple were swollen. ... (2 replies)
... It is possible even though all your test has come back normal, that you could still have Epilepsy.But,my mother was having problems like you described and a few times of fainting,and it ended up being diabetes.I have read that low sugar can cause seizures.Just a suggestion.Good-luck (4 replies)
... nt yesterday seen an older doc and he told us straight... if she were my 9 yr old daughter she would of been on meds ages ago! GULP! He also told me she has left temple epilepsy? ... (5 replies)
... I spent 12 days in a hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Unit due to suspected seizures. I was released being told I had pseudoseizures because no activity was seen during my seizures. ... (0 replies)
... (9 replies)
... (9 replies)

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