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Oct 8, 2003
... my doctor wants to put me on Dilatin. A family friend who is a neurologist said he did not feel this was right for me and suggested Kappra as a first choice and Trileptol as a second. ... (3 replies)
Trileptol rash
Mar 5, 2009
... iam taking trilaptal from 2003 i never had problems with that 600 mg twice a day ,i think its best to talk to her doctor to change the medication, every medication has side effects and its difrent from person to person.hope she gets better soon. Take care (3 replies)
Trileptol rash
Feb 15, 2009
... My daughter recently was diagnosed with having seizures. She started taking Trileptol and 2 weeks later she has this awful rash all over her body. She is not taking this any more. Has any one else had this sort of reaction to this drug. ... (3 replies)

Jul 24, 2003
... Hello everyone....I was wondering if anyone is taking Trileptol and how they are doing on it and what the side effects are? ... (7 replies)
Trileptal anyone?
Aug 26, 2004
... I ONLY take trileptol when I have something called "breakthrough seizures" where many of them will occur at a period of minutes to hours. The trileptol interrupts the electrical impulse in the brain. I don't care for the trileptol because it gets me tired, sluggish, poor eyesight, poor memory, but it does help. ... (36 replies)
Trileptal anyone?
Dec 23, 2004
... i was on trileptal for a bout two years. Before that I was on carbatrol, let me tell you... trileptol is a much better way to go. I'm very active, still in my early teens, so when carbatrol made me very sluggish I switched to trileptol. ... (36 replies)
... and it was a weird kind of weight gain. Looked like puffy weight as opposed to blubby weight. The trileptol was also giving her some short term memory problems. Her grades plummetted in school so we placed her in independent study. ... (20 replies)
... Hi, every long sorry~ It's good to hear that you are doing better with the whole thing. Wonderful news that the Drs are getting you in and will be testing very soon. It can really throw your life a curve ball... We sometimes refer to that first day with Jake as "The Bus Incedent"... You know where we were slung under the big bus of life... LOL ;) It's OK to be sad,... (41 replies)
Med question
Mar 27, 2005
... I used to be on Depakote and trileptol for my epolepsy. After a long term monitorring EEG the decided to get rid of the trileptol and put me on keppra. Recently I have been having dizzy feelings similar to when you twirl in circles for a while. ... (6 replies)
... I forgot to mention in my last post on this topic. Ever since I started on trileptol I have been having some weird light headed feelings. The best way to descride them is they happen when I am sitting or standing. ... (36 replies)
Dec 8, 2004
... A few months ago he teamed it with my Trileptol currently I am on 3000 mg of the Keppra and Trileptol. ... (18 replies)
... ind another Dr to take your son to. When you add more then 2 of these drugs together, it is so hard for the child. At one point Jake was on Dilantin, Tegratol, Trileptol and Lamictal at the same time and still we were not able to get control. Currently he is only taking Lamictol and Trileptol. ... (4 replies)
... id come up in conversation regarding Jake some months ago. Until the middle of Sept 03, our stories sounded much the same... He is now 136 days seizure free on Trileptol and Lamictol and Jenny is now 130 days seizure free on Tegratol. She started Tegratol the same night that Jake took his last dose... ... (33 replies)
Oct 13, 2003
... I have been using Trileptol for over a year now. In the beginning I was very tired all of the time, but that has gone away. I have had a few problems in the last month or so. ... (3 replies)
... Hey Lisa! I wanted to reply to this to make sure it went back to you....How is Jake doing on the Trileptol?? I was really liking the Lamictal (little side effects) but within the last 24 hours, I have developed a nasty rash! The doctor is having me cut down on the Lamictal until I am completely off and building up on Trileptol...I haven't been able to find much on it! ... (13 replies)
... Hi Amy, You've found a great board!!! The people who come here are wonderful :) I don't have E, my baby does, and they give a voice to a little guy who is struggling with the same issues but can't voice them himself. He's 18mths, has TLE - cps, sps and absent seizure activity. Currently transitioning off Dilantin (not sure what they will replace it with) Tegratol,... (70 replies)
... Hey Can you help me out a little? I need someone to talk to my Mommy!! Shes kind of freaked out right now. I want to tell her whats going on in my head but I dont have grown up words yet! My name is Jake and Im 16 months old. I have epilepsy, 3 types of seizures, complex partials, tonic/clonic and absents, Doc says they start in the front left temporal lobe... (10 replies)
... ish the first couple of days. Since then she has been fine. Some of the bad effects of the trileptol like short term memory loss have also gone away. ... (20 replies)
Tegreatol emotions
Jun 14, 2011
... I am currently on Tegretol and Keppra. My neurologist just took me off of Trileptol about a year ago and put me back on Tegretol. ... (5 replies)
... This is not a problem of access to public transportation. Lately I have been doing almost all my transportation by bicycle. 11 miles between home and work, as well as my weekend errands and some extra leisure bike rides. I got back into biking from loosing my license to a seizure. There also is the fact that The T (the Boston term for the subway) is a lot slower than... (1 replies)

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