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I'm a 20 year old man and recently my 11 year old sister has been showing me up in various acts of leg strength. I'll start with the title, her calves are measured at 14 inches my calves are measured at 10 inches. Her thighs are measured at 21 inches, my thighs are measured at 13.5 inches. I'm recovering from anorexia and expect weakness but not to this extent.

Another thing. I took her to the gym once, she squatted 130lbs and I couldn't squat the bar. On the leg press, I did 40kg (2 reps) and she did 160kg (3 sets of 10 reps).

I'm 6'1, 100lbs. She's 5'1, 80lbs.

The reason why I'm comparing to her is because she's bullying me a little. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and squeezed until I threw up. I have bruised ribs and she keeps doing this move on me, I just want to be comparable in leg strength because I think my upper body strength is fine.

I want to get my leg strength to her level in 2 months, is that achievable? How would I accomplish this? I'm ready to take sacrifices in achieving this goal. That includes getting my weight up.

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