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There are many ways to add weights, while training your abs. You can use either barbells or just a simple bench press weight. I generally use the bench free weights and place a 10lb on my stomach w/ an incline bench. You can use the barbell as well, while doing russian crunches. You hold the barbell is both hands and twist left & right.

As far as crunches, you want to make sure formation is correct! [U]Formation is everything, when doing a crunch![/U] If your formation isn't correct, you are wasting your time. Always remember, [B]it's quality, not quantity. [/B] The correct way of doing a crunch: You want to make sure your arms are out wide, you shouldn't be able to see them in your side vision. Act as if there is a grapefruit underneath your chin, your chin should be up at all times. When crunching up, you want to make sure your abs are constricted (suck your belly all the way in) and exhale while crunching up. If your back begins to hurt, then your formation is correct. I should start out low weight, if any until you can do a couple of sets w/out weights. If you are more advanced, then use an incline w/ the weights and you will really see some results.

Just for the record, you can do 1000 of them a night, but diet and cardio should be your main concern. If you aren't eating the right foods, it's going straight to your gut (abs). So, watch the high fat, processed, high carb foods. You should do atleast 30 minutes of cardio a day. If you aren't burning as many calories you are eating then, you will be gaining weight.

Good Luck, this will take some time, just stick w/ it!

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