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You don't understand exercise and nutrition obviously. First of all if you have small wrists then you have a small body frame. Body frame size is most easily measured by wrist size as that stays pretty much the same. You can't change the type of body frame you have, that's simple genetics. You have what is called an ectomorphic frame. You can take your thumb and middle finger and wrap it around your wrist and they overlap. I have the same type of body frame. I used to weight around 148 pounds at 5'10" in my late 20's. I'm now in my early 30's and am up to 175 pounds with maybe an inch bigger waist then when I was 145 pounds.

Your comment about excersing only making your muscles harder and causing now visible change in your body is simply untrue. If you want to get bigger you have to go the diet and exercise route. Do you think a pill or an injection changes the entire look and makeup of your body? Where do you think any growth comes from? Thin air?

To address your main question which is can you build a bigger body without lifting weights or eating more the answer is no. No good doctor is going to give anyone any hormone treatments simply because they want to be bigger and are too lazy to exercise and eat right and do it the natural way. Besides, hormones are going to add muscle. What is it you are trying to add anyway? You don't want fat, you don't want muscle. Your bones aren't going to grown anymore so what's left? More hair? Thicker skin?

You obviously have no clue about what the body is made up of and how to get the body to grow. I suggest you educate yourself by reading up on the body and how it works. By saying you can't grow any more muscles is complete crap. I've gained around 20 pounds of muscle and a lot of other people on this board have gained a lot of muscle as well. I too have skinny wrists and a small frame but that doesn't mean you can't gain lean muscle mass and plenty of it as long as you educate yourself as to how it's done and dedicate yourself to doing it. By the way if you go the exercise and lifting weights route you can pretty easily pack on 10 pounds in 3 months.

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