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Re: Explain
Dec 16, 2003
1. You're starting off with a false premise. You do not burn more calories in the first 30 minutes if you have a cardio session exceeding 30 minutes. Intensity of the workout determines how many caories are being burned. I think maybe you are thinking about the majority of calories burned during cardio coming from carbs for the first 20-30 minutes, then more calories are burned for fat as carbs become less available for energy.

2. I have no idea why you would do it that way. It would make much more sense to do cardio and lifting in entirely different sessions, say morning and evening, or on different days, or to do cardio after you finished lifting. If you are doing cardio strictly for heart health, then eating carbs before hand is okay, but if you are trying to burn fat, you want to have fairly low blood sugar so that your body is forces to use more fat for fuel. Conversely, you need to have enough carbs/blood sugar to get an effective resistance training workout. So if you burn all your carbs in cardio first, you aren't leaving enough to get the most benefit out of lifting.

It's not a good idea to lift every day because you need to give your muscles time to repair. At teast 24 to 48 hours. My legs always need about 48-72 hours, but upper body seems to recover a little more quickly. If you just keep working them, the little tears in the muscle from lifting just keep accumulating until there's too much damage and you start to lose strength and muscle mass.

4. Lowest possible weight isn't really the point. Healthy weight is. Everyone has a slightly different "healthy weight" where their body most easily maintains itself. It's not so much weight as body fat % though. There are numerous charts online that give basic guidelines for healthy body fat % for men and women if you do a quick search. As long as obesity is not contributing to the possibility of high blood pressure, diabetes, illness, joint problems, disease etc you have the same likelihood of longevity as anyone else. But remember, even skinny people can be horribly unhealthy. You have to have good muscle mass, stay active and eat properly to maintain a highly functioning body throughout a long life (barring the possibility of being hit by a truck). :D

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