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Hi everyone...

I just wanted some suggestions on high-intensity exercises. I've been doing these advanced Tae-Bo tapes for some time but now even those are too easy for me and I'm like bored to death with them. I'm the type of person where if I don't sweat my butt off and my heart rate is in the "zone," then the workout was pointless. I've kind of tried running awhile ago, but WOW that is hard even for someone who has been working out for 2 years. It just hurts my knees and I cannot go for more than 5 minutes without feeling like my heart is going to bust out of my chest. I lift weights a few times a week. I'm in pretty good shape but I'd like to lose about 15 more lbs. I'm stuck at this plateau right now and I need suggestions before I stop working out altogether!!! Can anyone tell me how I can start out on the whole running thing because I've always known that running burns lots of calories but I just don't really know where to begin!!! And I'd like to hear about some more really hard cardio workouts, not tapes though, PLEASE!!! I am so bored with videos. I'd prefer something I could do outdoors.
I also have another question--I am trying to lean out my legs. They have gotten muscular from all the exercise and weights. I still have some fat on them too in the thigh-hip region. Should I not work out my legs at all? I really don't know what to do about that. My butt has gotten so nice though. I never used to have one and I'm really happy about that but GOD why is it SO hard to lose fat in my thighs???!!! They're not thunder thighs or anything but that's the only place I am aching to lean out. I started drinking protein shakes and eating 5 small meals a day and I feel so much better and what not but I need help quick before I give up on everthing!!! I'm a server and swear to God I'm at work like 10 hours out of the day which tires me out so much. That's enough to make someone give up on fitness but I haven't yet thank God. But you people need to spit all the advice you have at me. I'll love you forever! Thanks alot!

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