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To add the information above. Three days weight training a week is more than enough. Always begin your workout with the larger muscle groups. If you work the smaller muscles you may reach a point of fatigue more rapidly. In body building we work tpward failure. Rest between sets for 30 to 60 seconds. I am of the split routine school vs. total body. In other words, each day of the week you choose to workout, you will work different muscle groups. Below is a pull, push, legs, abs, cardio schedule. Always make sure to include at least 2 compound exercises along with isolation

Monday: Back, Biceps, Traps

Tues: 10 to 20 minutes cardio - Abs

Wed: Chest, Triceps - Shoulders

Thurs: 10 to 20 minutes cardio - abs

Friday: Legs - Abs

As you're a beginner start with 2 sets of 8-10 reps each exercise. Do not use too much weight. It's not the amount of weight, it's about form. Perfect your form before you get into more weight. If you have to begin with no weight to attain perfect form, do it. Not a big deal. You'll work up to more weight. Alter your workout to fit your life. The above is only an example. Use of physio balls, cables, medicine balls are all beneficial.

As far as diet, increase your protein consumption. complex carbs and water (minimum 100ml a day, or 2 1.58 liter bottles which is a bit more than 100ml).

Talk with people at your gym. Watch their routines. DO NOT exceed your capabilites. Again, it's about form. Have fun with whatever workout you do!

I hope this has helped.

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