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Hey there and welcome. You seem to have a lot of motivation and are doing things mostly right already. Just some small tweaks should get you some big results.

First is diet: most of what you eat up till dinner is carbs and high GI carbs at that. Popcorn cakes and fruit and the sugars in the dairy can be part of the problem. (How much cottage cheese in each meal?) You should be getting more lean proteins and low GI complex carbs in each meal. Try for eggs or a turkey wrap or fish or lean beef for more protein. Cottage cheese has 14g protein in 1/2 c and plain, low fat yogurt has 7g, but too much dairy can hinder fat loss. (3g and 9g sugars respectively). Some cottage cheese is great, but I'd look at other sources. The popcorn cakes might be okay before working out but will ultimately hinder unless you are particularly active all day. Go for oatmeal or whole wheat toast, something that will take longer for your body to burn so it will be less likely to store what it doesnt use as fat right away.

The biggest factor is going to be calories. I don't know if you have that part in check yet, but you need to be taking in less than you burn each day. If you're not sure how much you're taking in, for a few days, keep rack of the calories (and protein, fat and carbs if you can) of everything you eat for the day. It will give you a good gauge of where you can make some changes.

As for your workout, you seem to have it down as far as basic regimen goes. How heavy are you lifting? How many reps/sets of each exercise are you doing? If it's too easy, you might try adding a set or increasing the weight. You need to really tax the muscles to make them tone up and burn more calories. Same for cardio. I don't know what intensity you work at, but you can kick it up or extend the time. If you make it a 45 minute session instead of 30, you can really increase the fat burning potential. If you want to start jogging/running ... I mentioned intervals. i.e. walk for 2 minutes, run for one and repeat for the rest of the session. Slowly increase the amount of time that you are running until eventually you can just run as long as you like. Maybe increase running by 1 minute maybe every week or two. Doing it this way will also help prevent shin splints.

Hope thats helpful. Good luck!

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