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Hi. Your workout sounds nice. Sounds like mine. I walk about 30 minutes a day but it's broken up...taking son to and from school. Then I do the stepper about 20 minutes. I do situps as well. I have the 5 day Abs tape by the Firm. I also just started this back up. I mostly want to tone as well. My problem areas are my stomach(I had my son 10 yrs ago and still have the fat lower belly) :eek: and the area under my butt! I know the stepper is great because a few yrs. ago I was using it and lost inches and toned up my butt and legs. But then I stopped and here I am untoned. :rolleyes: I also did Body For Life last yr with no results. I'm not sure if I was almost seeing results or not. I never lost weight but I did seem to be a tiny bit toner but I stopped out of frustration and not seeing the results I wanted after the 12 weeks. Also did the Atkins thing for a week and lost 3 pounds..I'm sure water weight. Could not stand missing out on bread so I stopped that. Couldn't stick with that. So, right now I am 5'7 and 135. I would like to be 130 and toned. Never knew I would have this problem as I was always so thin....until my son was born. I gained 50 pounds with him and he was a 10.5 pound baby! Everything went south after him but you'd think I could fix it after 10 yrs! I guess I am just lazy. I know if I tried harder, I'd meet my's the consistency and motivation that seems to get me everytime.

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