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Well, my previous routine I used a couple weeks ago didn't work out too well, I actually ended up nearly injuring myself again. That said, I've gone about looking for a new routine and found one on the [COLOR=Red][REMOVED][/COLOR]

Here's my take on the routine, let me know what you think:

- Each day will begin with warmup to target HR
- Warm up prior to each exercise @ 50%
- Each exercise will consist of 3 sets, 10 reps each

SUNDAY - Back & Chest
Bench Press
Lat Pulldown
Incline Dumbell Press
Bent-Over Dumbell Row
Lying Dumbell Fly
Dumbell Shrugs

MONDAY - Agility
15 min warmup, 30 min agility training

TUESDAY - Legs & Abs
Leg Press
Stiff Leg Deadlift
Lying Hamstring Curl
Abducter Machine
Adducter Machine

15 min warmup, 30 min cardio training

THURSDAY - Shoulders & Arms
Front Deltoid Dumbell Raise
Reverse-Grip Barbell Curls
Incline Dumbell Curls

15 min warmup, 30 min agility training


I plan on working out before work, around 7AM. Also, just some background on my physical state: I just turned 25 last month and am just a bit overweight, but really out of shape. The last time I was in the gym was June of last year.

Anyhoo, please let me know if that looks like a good workout to go with. Thanks!
Hi endorphin junky since where on the routine post I need to ask a few things. Will I achive more muscle with this program than by doing compound movements? Also, I need help with my diet I mean I eat healthy but I wanna get big with mucsle but I am scared of getting fat. I used to be overweight but I finally lost weight and look good but too skinny I want to get big with mucsle. I eat fine during the day except lunch. Im still at school and stuck to what to put on sandwiches or what to eat at lunchtime at school. Canteen has no healthy food. Thanks alot.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dips 10,8,6,4

squats 40kg 8,6,6

deadlifts 25kg 10,8,8,6

clean and press 35kg 8,8,8

Rows 80lbs 10,8,8

Bench 55kg,6,6,6,4

Chins 10,10,10

Barbell curl 25kg 6,6,6,6

Ab Crunch 30,30,30,30

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

30 mins stationary bike riding

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