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I realize you can log all of that stuff in spreadsheets and probably graph it all out and all that good stuff. My only excuse for not doing that is I simply cringe at the thought of dealing with spreadsheets and databases. I just don't like it. Call me lazy or crazy but that's just me. Actually I've messed around with the idea of writing my own program but that's probably a long term goal rather than a short term one.

I did manage today to find a program searching the web with a free 30 day trial that is pretty much what I'm looking for. It's called Personal Training Workstation (PTW). It's pretty simple and basic yet has the functions I like. It has a workout journal that lets you keep track of weight lifting routines, sets, reps, weight. Just the real basic stuff. A aerobics journal that logs intensity level, distance, length (including warmup and cool down times), heart rate and target heart rate, and of course calories burned. A diet journal which allows you to log your diet. A lot of programs that have the diet journal aren't very flexible. For example any food you want to enter into the database yourself you have to enter in 100 gram increments so you've got to do some multiplication or division to get the proper nutritional info. For this program any foods you add you simply put the calories, fat, protein, carbs and food name (should put amount per serving with food name so you know) and then chose the amount of servings you want to log. It also has a supplement journal where you can log when you began, ended, changed dosage, or resumed a specific supplement. Body stat journal to keep body measurements and log body fat %. A journal where you simply keep whatever notes you find useful. And finally the progress journal where you can view charts and reports based on any of the information you've put into the software. This is what this program does and that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. I don't want a program to tell me I need to eat X amount of calories or do X amount of exercise. I just want to log my info and be able to see the results of my progress so I can determine myself what changes I'd like to make.

As I said, you all are probably getting most if not all of this stuff with your spreadsheets but I just don't like using them.

The only additional feature to the ones mentioned above I'd like to see is a way to log diet at a nutrient level. Preferably something that breaks your diet down into a nutrient level without the user having to input exactly how much vitamin X is in a certain food. In addition to that if it could offer suggestions to the user as to when they might want to eat or take certain supplements if they are taking them at times which aren't too good like maybe you are drinking calcium fotified milk before bed and taking something that doesn't absorb well with calcium the program would point that out and make suggestions to get better benefits from that supplement. Wouldn't it be cool to log your diet and be able to push a button and see exactly how much of each vitamin and mineral you are putting in your body even an amino acid profile, how cool would that be!?

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