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Re: Lower back fat
Feb 27, 2004
The waist is one of the first places the body stores fat, so think of it as a warning sign to kick up the cardio and watch your diet. Some resistance training will not make them bigger (using weighted ab/oblique exercises might, so avoid them), but working your back, chest, armd and legs will help to *increase* your metabolism and increase fat burning.
Re: Lower back fat
Mar 1, 2004

I'm a fairly lean person but lately I've developed little pouches of fat on my lower back. What is the best way to get rid of these? I'm afraid some exercises I do might just be building muscle there and making thiem bigger.


Try Hyperextensions. This can be done on the actual equipment or on a flat bench by laying on your belly with your waist at the end of the bench. Someone would have to hold your legs while you lower your body to the floor close to 90deg and back up to slightly past 180deg. These will not make your back bulky, but it will make your lower back strong. If you tone the muscle underneath the fat may appear to lay smoother. To burn the fat in that area you will just have to lose weight overall as you can't spot reduce. Try some extra cardio, more intensity or duration or change your eating habits. (or a mix of both :) )
Also work on your abs b/c they are opposite your back and both need to be strong to balance out one another.

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