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[QUOTE=OverTheStatic]ive been training to build mass for a while and have gotten decently big...but when the summer comes i want to tone the muscle and lose a little body fat...i was planning on doing different varieties of push-ups, sit ups, pull ups, dips, and for legs i guess i would still use wieghts, just lighter...(i would do cardio daily)

is this a good workout for my goals? am i missing any muscle group? is the cardio going to work against toning muscles?[/QUOTE]

No, you're going to lose a lot of that hardgained muscles by doing those kind of exercises, and still wont' accomplish what you want. If you want to look like the guys in Men's Health magazines, you'll still need to hit the weights. You don't actually 'tone' your muscles... they're already there, what you need to do is reduce the fat so your muscles become more distinctive. Keep up your weights, but include more cardio into your routine, and eat a better diet.

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