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Lifting to failure is simply lifting the weight until you can no longer lift it. Like the last rep you do you can only lift it halfway and no more. Or some would say you can only barely get the last rep up. It's just lifting until you can no longer complete the rep.

I would say no to creatine for a woman other than if you are going for increased strength and size. It's going to increase your strength slightly and put on about 10 pounds of water weight which means it will essentially make your muscles look fuller or more rounded off. Think of your muscles all just kind of being puffed up a bit. Glutamine is an amino acid. There are 20 amino acids that make up protein so glutamine is a component of protein. Glutamine helps in maintaining lean muscle mass and also has been shown to increase your immune system. Necessary? I'd say no. Benificial? I'd say yes. I'd also say if you take a good protein supplement you'd probably be getting enough glutamine in that. Muscle tech supplements are creatine and protein supplements. I'd suggest you read the label on them and see what exactly they contain. The same stuff as about a million other supplements out there but with a higher price than many others.

Typically for protein you'd want to get 1 gram protein per pound of your body weight. I'd suggest more if you are trying to add muscle mass. I weight 175 pounds and if I was trying to bulk up I'd go for around 200 to 225 grams per day but a gram per pound body weight is typical. Protein shakes are the way to go as far as I'm concerned. I feel it's important to have one right after working out. The reason is that a good deal of the protein your body needs to repair and build new muscle your body requires within the first hour after lifting weights and a protein shake is essentially predigested protein so the protein gets into your blood stream right away as opposed to eating a chicken breast your body has to first digest it which may take over an hour. Muscles are pretty much made of protein and water. Protein is what your muscles are made of so you want to be getting enough of it so your body can build muscle.

Ideally you want to do cardio and weightlifting seperately. Seperate days or time of the day. If you do them at the same time most would recommend you do weights first then cardio that way you have all your strength for weights since you are doing them first. But if you're doing weights then cardio for a while (especially over 20 minutes) you are burning a lot of muscle during your cardio session and that's counter productive to building muscle.

Also make sure you take at least 2 days off per week from weight training. Lifting weights is what stimulates your muscles to grow, rest and proper diet is what your muscles need to grow.

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