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Re: Advice
Mar 25, 2004
Congratulations on your decision!

I'd like to clear up a myth for you. Fat does not turn into muscle, nor does muscle turn into fat. It can look that way if someone gains muscle and loses fat or, more often, loses muscle and gains fat. Most women won't gain enough muscle naturally to look bulky or masculine.

That said, I think you should start both cardio and weightlifting (after consulting a doctor). Cardio will burn calories and weightlifting will increase your metabolism causing you to burn more calories all day, every day.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and lay out a whole program here, I'd recommend that you buy a copy of "Body for Life." It's an excellent book that will lay out a nutrition, cardio, and weightlifting routine for you. One word of warning, start very slow with the weights. You don't want to be so sore the next day that you can't move.

The last thing you need to know is the most important. It's consistency not quality that makes all the difference. One perfect week on a program won't make much of a difference. One good year will make a tremendous difference. So no matter how many workouts you miss or how often you cheat, just get started again, not tomorrow, today.

Keep us posted and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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