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[QUOTE=stickman]If I weight lift 3 times a week, what body parts should I group? Should I do chest/tries on Monday, back/bies on Weds and legs/shoulders on Friday? What about doing "push" exercises (chest, shoulders, tries) on Mon and Thurs, and "pull" exercises (legs, back, bies) on Tues and Fri? Is this too much? I've been doing about 5 exercises (mixing all body parts) 3 days a week (about 3-4 sets per exercise, mostly compound-type), but am having bad results. I'm tired instead of sore and feel nervous/shakey (overtrain signs?). I know that doing compounds exercise more than one muscles group, that's why I want to find out when to exercise certain muscle groups and when to rest them.[/QUOTE]

If you're new to lifting, a full body workout using compound exercises [b]will[/b] give you the best results. You say you're doing this already though, so try posting your workout plan and someone can have a look at it and see if you're going wrong somewhere. If you're not getting results and you're feeling drained, its more likely that you're not eating properly than it being anything to do with your lifting program, so maybe post your diet up too.

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