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Hi! i have a question about my diet and everything. first let me tell you what my typical day might be like.
I wake up at 7 am and drink two glasses of milk and eat a bowl of cheerios with a serving of fruit.
Go to school at 9 am. and then eat a tuna sandwich on whole wheat at 12 pm. then go to the gym. i do a mile and a half for a warmup run in about 12 minutes. then i do muscle work on my arms/legs/abs for about 50 minutes. then i finish it up with a 3.5 mile jog in 30 minutes.
but i was thinking, due to what I eat. am i running too much and burning up muscle? I am 5 ft 7 and weigh 170 lbs at the age of 19 and i am male. I wish to lose fat...and I have been but it is very slow. My weight has remained the same through out. I have weighed 174 lbs in december of 2003 and its now 3 or so months and I have dropped 4 lbs but my figure has been more defined..but there is still fat. I dont know what am I doing wrong. I think it has something to do with my diet which causes muscles to be burnt and no fat being burnt? How do i make it so my body uses fat instead of muscle as fuel? I never let myself go hungry or anything at all. I eat food with complex carbs and high in protein such as tuna and milk. for dinner, i usually eat 5 or so servings of bread and 3 servings of meat and 2 servings of vegetables. Well hm, this is a pretty long paragraph, but the core question which troubles me is...
"[COLOR=DarkRed]How do i make it so my body uses fat instead of muscle as fuel?" [/COLOR] because i think thats what makes my body weight stay the same? or what do u think it may be??
help me please!

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