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I have a 6' foot daughter also. 158 is way too low for your height Actually 180 is about right. From your description, you are way too thin for your height and bonestructure I bet. (my daughter is largeboned)

"The body I want". Well what is that body? You want to be fit, healthy and strong.
When I was 16, everyone wanted to look like Cher and Twiggy. I could not look like that. My body shape would not let me. So I was teased and went into anguish for it ..for years. I rode a 10 speed all over my city as my exercise, so I was fit enough but not willowy. To be athletic and fit was thought strange for a girl to be at the time.

You have reached a plateau by not eating enough and your body is trying its best to hold onto any stored fat. Incline press will help buildup and "lift" the pectorals in the chest behind the breasts to help form "cleavage". But to look and be fit all around, you will have to work the whole body...not just one place.

There aint so such thing as "spot reducing".

Since you had this since 13, have you thought it just might be your breasts are budding out late? Some do. My daughter's did not really appear until her mid/late teens. Breasts are made up of fat cells as well as milk glands. Women who lift weights find their breasts reduced in size. I know some who have done this as an alternative to breast reduction.

But in either case, your diet should be higher in calories....not lower. Your body is going through many changes and to stay healthy...eating properly as well as exercise will help you stay fit and reduce the fat. That bowl of rice crispies and skim milk might be fine for a morning....but you need more energy/fuel to burn the fat.

Here is some advice:

Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day at least every 3 hours. Up your protein to near one gram to each pound lean body mass. balance your meals of protein, carbs and fat. Try to keep the protein intake consistant. This is crucial if you are in a resistance/strength training program.

Dont be afraid of fat as you need it to burn fat. You need to make your body into a fat burning machine. To do this, you have to keep your carbs fairly low and your fat intake moderate. Good fats can be found in nuts like natural peanut butter, Olive oil/flaxseed oil.

Avoid sugars and overprocessed foods....this you have done.

Eat more veggies! You are not getting enough nutrients on what you getting now.

Dont cut your calories too low or else you are going into a plateau and "starvation mode".

Eat more whole grains rather than processed cererals. In otherwords, more complex/slowburning carbs like Oatmeal, multigrained cereals, brown rice, beans and so on.


A three day split with cardio in between on days not lifting. Lifting moderately heavy weights for 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. Each workout should be done for an hour for best results...anymore and you could be overtraining and injuries. This should be enough to help get you into shape along with your improved diet. That and patience.

Many years later I took a college Women's strength class as I was sick and tired of being overweight and my body in general. I lost 60 pounds in just over a year..that and improved my diet as well. It was not much better than yours.....when I did eat.
After 33 years, I am wearing clothes sizes when I first married. On the scales I am abit heavier than I was way back then....some muscle exchanged for fat. However, I am at peace with my body and can run after a 6 year old grandchild with ease.

To build up your chest do flat bench presses as well as Inclines. Do tricep and bicep exercises for your arms. Leg presses/curls or squats to help shape your legs. Back exercises like bentover dumbbell rows and lat gym should have some kind of workout breakdown to use.

To have the body you need to be healthy/strong is more important than having the body you want.

"Mind only knows what lies near the heart;
It alone knows the depths of the soul
No worse ill assails the wise
than to be without Inner Peace" ("Havamal" from the Poetic Edda)

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