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This is a little long, but I am genuinely concerned for my health and confused as to what is best to do about it.

So, I'm getting desperate. Since about the middle of February, I made it a point to become more active. I started doing pilates at home, taking the dog to the beach to run around with a frisbee, and then moved up to going to a gym 3-4 times a week. I have submerged myself in trying to find the "right" way to work out, but I had not really had a goal as to what I wanted to burn and how. I just assumed exercise was exercise and I'd lose some inches and pounds.

In this month and a half of sincere efforts at exercise and good eating, I have lost an inch off my waist, and haven't really lost any weight that my scale says. I feel like it should be more, but I'll get to that.

More recently, I have been reunited with Target Heart Rate and the role it plays in burning fat and sugar. Disappointed with my waist measurements, my recent research revealed my waist to hip ratio is not good. It's at exactly .8 - and the calculators tell me I need to lose weight or I'll find myself at risk for all kinds of things. [I]I don't want that.[/I] So, I tell myself I need to burn fat, somehow. I check my target heart rate. I learn about fat burning rate, cardio rate, and do-not-get-higher-than-this rate.

Here are some numbers:
- I'm 24
- waist measurement at navel is 31 at the end of the day
- hips at the widest point are 38, 36 at narrowest
- I'm 5'6" and usually between 130-135lbs
- 60-70% (fat burning zone?) of my MHR is 118-137bpm

When I go to the gym, my routine usually takes me to a type of cross country ski thing with a heart monitor and different programs. My usual heart rate is 177-185 in the 30 minutes I spend on that machine (which the machine categorizes as "above zone").

I'm not real sure where I should be in order to burn fat when doing an aerobic program like the cross country or cycling (usually after that, I go lift light weights for back, abs, and legs). Hell, the cycle's heart monitor constantly tells me to slow down, but I feel fine and slowing down I feel like I am doing nothing.

I also am concerned because I have tachycardia - my heart rate is usually 100+ just walking around relaxed and I wonder if it plays into my heart rate being so high when exercising.

Should I just stick with weights and give the cardio stuff a break?

totally lost =\

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