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I've been lifting weights for about 3-4 years now. I've gained roughly 20lbs since I started out (180cm, 160lbs went to 180lbs) using a limited amount of supplements (went on cell-tech once, haven't used supps in a year). I really wanna hit 200lbs but I can't seem to get past 180.

I've seriously been contemplating on taking some prohormones (Ergopharm 1-AD) but after reading some of the posts here, I'm thinking of going back to the creatine+protein way. Some people say that prohormones are just hype, others say they work wonders. Others say the same about protein (I read somewhere that whey is no better than the proteins found in meat, milk, peanuts, etc.). When I used creatine, I lost most, if not all of the gains I made a couple of weeks after I finished my bottle of Cell-Tech.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

By the way, I go to the gym roughly 4 times a week working out each body part no more than once a week. I also do some cardio 3x a week to get rid of the fats around my waist.

Additional question: Is it possible to bulk up/add mass and burn fat (through cardio, not fat burners) at the same time or do I have to add mass first before going on a fat-burning cycle?

Right now, I'm not getting past 180 although I can still see some improvements to my physique (muscles continue to get more definition and look bigger even though I still weigh 180 constantly). I still dream of reaching 200 though.


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