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For one thing, your routine might be getting stale. Your body might have adapted. Try taking a week off, or change your split, change your rep/set or do drop sets, or pyramids. A lot of possibilities there.

Might also be diet related. If you're gaining fat, you're probably eating enough, but you might want to work on the timing of feedings to maximize muscle and minimize fat. Maybe take a couple weeks to cut and then go back to bulking clean so you can work on adding muscle while keeping lean. It is possible to add some muscle and lose some fat at the same time, but you won't see dramatic, fast results in either direction if that's how you want to go (and you will have to be meticulous with diet).

Most supplements are useless. You don't, in fact, need whey. If you get enough protein from real food, you're golden. It can be convenient and good for post workout shakes, but certainly not necessary. Anything that meddles with hormones in a more or less direct way makes me nervous in a "possible-long-term-problems" kind of way, but that's entirely your decision. Creatine works for some people, not for others. There's pitifully little research about it so again, you're kind of on your own on whether it does anything for you. So that's my $0.02 - Good luck, man.

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