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LOL that's too funny I have a Cardio Glide from way back that's been sitting in my house for about four years and barely used. When i started lifting weights i use it to warm up by changing where my hands are on it and over hand and under hand grips.Along with an outside grip on the handles.
it mainly seems to work on your back more than anything else. I cranked it up to about 6 or 7 i think it goes all the way to 9. It's absolutley great for what it was designed for CARDIO and it does work your muscle a bit when you crank it ALL the way up. I did that one time and was sore and stiff the next day but i was just starting out. As long as you really concentrate on NOT using your arms so much and pushing with your legs i think it'd work great for a woman. once a week crank it up a notch till you get to last one stick with that for a few weeks till it becomes easy. I'd do a seperate AB routine to go along with it. Have fun !

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