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Proper nutrition, eating 5-6 smaller meals a day and a good workout regime will help bring up your metabolism and give you energy while burning the fat.

Up your protein, lower your carbs (eat less refined/include complex carbs like whole grains/veggies) but some fats are needed (olive oil/flaxseed oil/nuts/peanut butter) Cut the sugar and drink plenty of water. Basically modifing your diet.

That and exercise.

If you can do it, a basic "Strength/resistance" lifting routine using a three day "split" workout will force your body to work harder and to burn bodyfat faster.
This is lifting moderately heavy weights for 4 sets of 10 -12 reps. Rest a minute between sets. Be sure to stretch and warmup before starting any exercise workout.

Workday I
Bench press
Incline and/or
Bicep curls
Tricep pushdowns
Overhead extensions

Workout II
Squats and/or
Leg Press (machine)
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Calf raises

Workout III

Lat pulldowns to chest (machine cable)
Lateral raises
shoulder press
Bentover Dumbbell rows

Ab crunches on workout days
Cardio on days not lifting or right after.

This was my college workout program. The exercises listed are basic and with a minimum of equipment (bench w leg attachment, barbell and plates, dumbbells with adjustable plates or not) you can do all of these at home. OR you can join a college women's Strength class, like I did OR a gym. With a gym, you can have access to machines and can do cable workouts...but you can do very well with just freeweights. Actually these help strengthen the support muscles when using dumbbells for the bench press and shoulder presses instead of machines. Standard barbells (1" hole) with plates can be found anywhere and be sure to get the solid bar style. I have an Ivanko solid bar with inner lips to back the plate against while tightening the collar. Better than the straight bare bar and having to mess with getting the plate balance just right. I use this in conjunction for some exercises when not using an Olympic set (bar is 45lbs) for the bench and squats.

Squats is the "Queen" of the complex "core" exercises as this targets the legs, butt, lower back and shoulders. Another one are the Bench Press (targets chest/bicep/triceps).

You are starting out with 8lb dbl for curling....Good! If you find you can do all 4 sets of 10 reps with that easily....then up the poundage. You can do tricep extensions and beginning dbl shoulder presses. For Bentover dbl rows (back), you may want to go abit higher. My instructor had us all start out with 3-5lb dbls for curls and 10lbs for bentover rows to learn proper form.

The idea is to challenge your body and grow stronger. The muscle you build will help burn the bodyfat better and up your metabolism. Most of the women in my classes never lifted before and were there for various therapies.

Just over a year ago, at 50, I was 245 when joining a class. Took a year's worth and lost 60lbs. I am 5'6" and largeboned/broadshouldered. I carry most of my bodyfat in my back, shoulders and stomach. Always had rather slim legs, thighs and hips.
Never looked quite as heavy as the scales showed until I turned sideways. (a "pear")
I Found I liked lifting and what it was doing for me....more energy, more flexibility, getting stronger, looking better and more. Just ran with the premise.

I have never been "skinny" and was "hefty" but fit in my teens. Had been 245lbs and more for most of 33 years of my marriage. Right now I am 180lbs and can fit in premarriage clothes sizes. However, on the scale, I weigh more than I did 33 years ago when I was about 165. (and did not have two kids by c section 21 and 18 years ago)

Muscle is denser than bodyfat. A tangerine size portion of muscle is about a two grapefruit size portions of what I see on the scale is from some muscle buildup over that year. I rather have the muscle.

Now out of college, I have an Olympic bench with leg attachment for leg extensions/curls, barbell and plates to workout at home. My husband found this set at a local St. Vincent dePaul's and bought it for cheap at the end of my first semester. He has been very supportive in my lifting and losing the weight.

Women will not bulk like a guy and "toning" just means you are getting muscle definition while losing bodyfat. Female bodybuilders have to train extremely hard with heavier weights and a follow a very strict diet to look the way they do for competition. There are alot of female myths about lifting and do not let anyone sway you with negative comments. You are doing this for yourself. To become healthier and live a better life overall.

Give yourself time and have patience. After a fw weeks you should see changes in how your wardrobe fits rather than the scale. I use that maybe once a week or less as what I can fit into (size 18/16) is a better indication of positive changes than numbers right now.

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