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For strength, lift moderately heavy weights for 4 sets of 10-12 reps with a minute's rest between each set. Three day split for an hour/90 minutes as session. Be sure to stretch and warmup first. Building mass means same sets, lower reps with heavier weights. If all you want is strength, the first sentence is the way to go.

Good nutritious Diet IS necessary if you want to build strength, build some muscle and lose the bodyfat. The idea is to turn your body into a fatburning engine and eating right will get you there with a good workout program. I lost 60 pounds taking a college lifting program for a year. Relearned how to eat properly so I could lift efficently.

Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day ....about 3 hours apart as best as possible. This will help keep your metabolism up and fuel your body . Eat about one gram of protein per pound of LEAN body mass. Lower your carbs but do eat complex ones (i.e. whole grains) and veggies. Cut out the sugars and drink plenty of water.

Where the body stored the fat first...will be the last to go. For most people it is the stomach area. But give yourself time, learn patience, stay determined and the bodyfat will come off as well as gain strength.

Bodybuilders go through intense training and strict diets to look like that. Most people want strength and fat loss.

Here is a basic workout routine, I was given by my instructor in my "Women's Strength" classes. There is no difference between the guys or the women's routines....only the starting out weights were lower for the women.

Workout I
Bench press
Incline press
Bicep curls (hammer or sulpinating)
Tricep pushdowns
Tricep overhead extensions

Workout II
Squats or
Leg Press
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Calf raises

Workout III
Lat pulldowns to chest
Bentover Dumbbell rows or
Bentover barbell rows
Shoulder press
Lateral raises

Ab crunches done at every workout.

Cardio can be included on the off lifting days or right after as a "cooldown".

Like I said, this is a basic routine that you can work to build strength. I found I liked lifting and ran with the class's premise. Went from 245 for many years to 180lbs in just over one. I still lift twice to three times a week using the routine as posted as my starting point. Although I had access to machines as well as freeweights at the gym, with a minimum of equipment you can do all of the posted routines with bench, barbells, dumbbells and plates at home. My husband bought me an Olympic bench/bb w/plates to work out at home with after the classes were over.

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