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Hello first and foremost I would like to say that by far has the biggest community involvement I have seen, and it answers all of lifes questions! thank you for being such a great place.

I would like to know how to loose weight exactly because I have been trying and I think I am doing something wrong and so I am going to tell you exactly and everything I do

I am 5"9 ... 185 pounds ... 15 years old ... waist size is 38 .....
I wake up, no breakfast ... at lunch time I go to fastfood and usually have large fries, 2 burgers, coke .... I come back home and go for a jog, i jog non stop for 12 minutes then walk for 8... When i get back I drink a whey protein shake (which has 29 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat) then I do windsor pilates (20 minute workout video -- I have all the sets except for buns + thigs video) then I do 20 reps, and 3 sets of 15 pound dumbbells.....

I don't know what to do, am I starving myself? should I drink more protein? should I jog longer and walk longer or walk less and jog longer? should i do the otehr windsor pilates videos? should I get a bigger weight and change my sets and reps? what should I do? I have flabby stomach, huge thights, and loose triceps.... please help

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