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Olympic barbells are what you see being used in the Olympics (hence the name) or other lifting competitions like powerlifting or weightlifting in general. Bodybuilders use them too. The 7' bar has two free rotating 2" ends to put the larger plates on it. The bar itself it thicker to take more weight than the standard bar. The Olympic bar is 45lbs by itself while the 5' Standard solid bar is about 18 to 21 pounds....depending on the maker. Gyms generally have a combination of both for people to use.

The Olympic benches are made heavier and the crutches are set wider apart to aid in holding the bar/to prevent any tipping while loading the bar. You can type in "Olympic bench" or Olympic barbells to see what I mean.

When bought in sets, the Olympic bar comes with 300lbs of weights. What plates are not used can be put on a leg extension/curl setup if your bench has one. Some benches have Lat tower setups where the plates can be used for this too. Of course, when doing the squats.....300lbs eventually be done.

Complete standard barbell sets are much lower, depending on the maker. For example Ivanko's Standard sets are 136lbs. So beginning with a barbell set with 100lbs is a good beginning. You can always add to it.

"Handlebar thingy"? You mean an "EZ bar"? These are useful for doing some types of exercises.

I dont know about the Gazelle. With all the weights you have so far, you can easily do all the exercises for strength using that website as a guide. You will soon find the bodyfat leaving and strength building with just the minimum of equipment you have. Better to workout with this to get the form down and your body attuned to it for awhile. This.... than go buy an expensive piece of equipment that you may find not needed afterall.

Lift with moderately heavy weights 4 sets of 10-12 reps at first to get used to doing them and keeping in good form. Later you can workout with same sets with higher weights but at 6-8 reps before upping the poundage. Rest a minute between each set. Do this on a three day "split" with some cardio afterwards or on nonlifting days. Lift for an hour each session.

Basic Workout routine I

Bench press
Incline press
Bicep curls
tricep extensions
Overhead extensions

Workout II
leg extension (if you have the bench attachment)
Leg curls
Calf raises

Workout III
Bentover Dbl rows or
Bentover barbell rows
Shoulder press
Lateral raises
Upright raises

Ab crunches each session.

This was my own college workout routine and a good basic routine to start out with. Stay with this for 6 weeks before adding or changing it. Up the poundage as soon as you find you can finish the 4 sets of 10-12 reps easily. For example, If you are starting out with 15lbs dbl curls and can easily complete the 4 sets with this....then go to 20lbs. The purpose is to keep good form ALWAYS! This to prevent any overtraining or fatigue working with to much weight at first AND to prevent any undue injury.

You should enjoy doing this, feel the 'rush" of accomplishment....not burnout from overdoing it.

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