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How many calories are you getting now that 2000 calories is "pigging out"? If you're active in your job, that's really not too much. If you had a desk job, I'd say you might want to drop that a bit, otherwise you'll need it for fuel. As long as you divide it up into small meals every few hours, it will ensure that you have an opportunity to burn those calories rather than storing them. With all the resistance training you're doing, i don't know why your trainer would bring up an issue with "skinny fat". That's a term generally used for fairly thin people that have no lean muscle mass and a high body fat %. Unless you aren't getting enough protein, this should not apply. Also, like Evl mentioned, check the content of your diet. You can make a WORLD of difference if you get the diet in check. If you want a critique, list an average day of what you eat, how much and when. Include all drinks and condiments (coffee with cream/sugar, mayo or ketchup on anything... etc).

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