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Unfortunately, it is hard, extremely to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time..You have to do one of the other, EXCESS of caloric intake = gains, deficit = loss of body fat.. You obviously cant do both at the same time..

Eat A LOT OF PROTEIN, small amounts of fat, some carbs etc. There are some good nutrition sites out there..but thats the gist of it.

So eat healthy, the right combination is important..

Cardio, moderate(60-80% max hr) usually walking on an incline, for 2-3 a week, in the AM for about 30-40 min.. This will help insure you do not gain too much more body fat than you already have while trying to build muscle and may help reduce some..
Your goal here is to make large lean mass gain, with minimal fat gains..This will help make your body a calorie burning machine...then once you have your lean muscle gains, start a new diet, and cardio program for fat loss, and a resistance program to maintain lean mass, might want to use some supplements.

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