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The body takes fat stored from all over to use a fuel to burn calories as energy while exercising. There is no such thing as "spot reducing". The body must be worked as a whole to tap the problem spots. There are places where the body stores fat first....and these will be the last to go. With some, it is the stomach, with others it is the hips/thighs/legs. Others it is the back/shoulders and for is that lower pec area right now.

Bench presses, Inclines, flyes and the like will help build the pec muscles. By building muscle mass, you will burn bodyfat. But do not focus on just those alone. Keep doing the others too. Do Squats as this is the "Queen" of the compound Core exercises as it targets 70% of your muscle groups. Legs, glutes, back and shoulders. The Chest is the second and "King" of the compound Core exercises because it targets that area along with the arms. The "King" and "Queen" must help and rule together.

Cardio after lifting or on nonlifting days is good to help keep the heartrate up and to help burn fat/keep metabolism up. But lifting forces your body to work harder, keeps your metabolism up longer while burning the bodyfat.

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