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[QUOTE=scaredcrazy101]what kind of exercises can I do to get rid of weight on my hips and my thighs ??[/QUOTE]

Can't pick where you want to lose weight. Best thing to do is watch how you eat and exercise. Running, squats, and lunges will help with legs, by building muscle, which will give your legs a better tones look.

Your hips and or legs might be where your body stores your fat. I thought the same till i lost a lot of weight, and found out that lower stomach and love handles are my spots. Although i lost weight in face arms and lower legs, some stomach, before it attacked my fat on my hips and thighs.

So best suggestion is exercise and watching how you eat. Browse these boards, im sure you'll find plenty of help as i did.

Losing weight is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diets do not work, and only make you gain more weight in the end. So when your ready to lose weight, then browse these boards and the diet/nutrition boards, and post if you have any questions.

Remember you control what you eat and do, so just remember it only takes 20mins outta your day to jog/speed walk/weight train/ etc. I promise you will not regret it in the end. And stick with it whatever you do, results dont happen fast. You didn't put on the weight fast, so don't expect to lose it fast.

Now if you do workout, an do eat healthy, and are not that over weight, then my info isn't really for you. You didn't give much info in your post, so im just giving some helpful insight. Good Luck

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