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uh o, the last stubborn area of fat...TIME FOR THE MASTER BLASTER 2004.6

Control your calories, lower carbs and fats, increase fruits and veggie....

basically for the next few weeks either eat tuna, or chicken breast baked or grilled.. for snacks and side, barely any bread, if any wheat, eat a lot of greens and fruit...

30 min HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO, 4-5 times a week... basically its doing sprints every 2-3 base jog is say 4.2 mph...then run for 6 for a min or so, then jog 4.2, then burst 6.5, and so on till you are done, increments as you feel comfortable...doesnt have to be 4.2 to start, can be whatever your 40% intensity level is...

Next, full body workout...LEGS, ARMS, CHEST/BACK.....1 warmup set, 3 sets with enough weight where you can do atleast 8 and no more than 12-16.

For girls, i recommend,
lunges(holding dumbells), box squats(holding dumbells), butt kicks:LEGS:
dumbell curls, tricep extension for arms, shoulder press :ARMS:
Pushups :chest:
pull ups :back:

if you dont go to the gym, let me know.or need diagrams to complete these movements..

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