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Well thanks to a thread about 2 weeks back I stopped eating at fast food places and whatnot and started trying to eat low calorie/fat food. Last time I weighed myself a good 6 months back, I weighed 155. Now I KNOW I am fatter than I was then so I am guessing I should be up to probably 160-165 and I wanted to go back to being my skinny self at a good 120.

Thanks to you guys I started to eat healthier and actually do some cardio and such. Though losing weight seems very very hard than what I thought it would be. I used to eat easily over 5k calories a day and now I am way way down from that. From what I counted I eat about 1,000 calories a day now, but I am starting to hear that it is BAD to go that low? ARG

Everyday I eat the same thing basically...

7:30 AM - Breakfast - I make a sandwich with whole wheat bread,cheese,sliced turkey breast, and fat free mayo(MY GOD THIS MAYO TASTES HORRIBLE). 200 Calories

12:00 PM - Brunch - Sandwich with whole wheat bread, cheese, ketchup. 175 Calories

5:00 PM - Lunch - Lunch break from work I goto Subway and get a Wrap with Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet Onion Sauce, cheese, turkey breast. 340 Calories

9:00 PM - Dinner - Sandwich with whole wheat bread, ketchup, cheese, and a Boca Burger. 260

That's a total of 975 Calories for the day. I eat that exact same thing now everyday give or take a couple calories. One day I might get ranch sauce on my Subway sandwich and that adds a good 200 calories to it.

I still don't see how it is possible to lose weight if you are supposed to burn more calories than you eat for the day without going under the 1,200 calorie minimum thing. Hell, I remember running on the treadmill in the gym a year ago for about 15 minutes and the calories burned were still way below 100. I mean for how many hours am I supposed to run/exercise to actually lose weight?

As for exercise I really only do a few sets of pushups, crunches, and jumping jacks every morning when I wake up and also before sleeping for now. I am going to start running around the park for a good half hour soon but I am afraid to have VERY VERY sore legs like I did last time and barely being able to stand.

I also go to my cousins house on my 2 days off and jump around on their huge trampoline for a good hour. I sweat there more than I have ever done in life. I also started yesterday to work out on a little work station thing I got here in my backyard. I am not looking to be BIG and bulky like I was before when I did weights but now I am just doing lower weights for as long as I can as a kind of burnout thing to get cut.

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