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Weightlifting routines are the same for women/girls as for the guys. Only we start out with lower weights and progress from there. There are many women who do lift heavy afterwhile. I am 52, 5'6"/largeboned and 175lbs.....dropped from 245lbs over a year ago while taking college Women's Strength classes four semesters. Found I liked lifting and ran with the premise.

Three times a week is a good idea performing exercises to hit different areas.

Here is a starting workout that might help you. My instructor was the wrestling coach/former bodybuilder of the school. He used the same workouts for the guys as the women...only had the women startout with lower weights. Most women have never lifted before or only had limited experience. This and ages/conditions come into play as well as goals.

There are other workout routines you can add to this but at least it gives you an idea.
We had access to both machines and Olympic style benches/bb/plates. 4 sets of 10 reps for strength....6-8 for strength/mass. Rest, at least, a minute between each set and do this for a hour to 90 minutes. Be sure to stretch/warmup before lifting and cooldown after. You can use some cardio after lifting for this.

Day I

Bench Press
Incline press
Bicep Dbl curls: sulpinating (this also hits the forearms)
Tricep pushdowns
Overhead extensions standing

Day II
Leg press
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Calf Raises

Shoulder press
Laterial Raises
Upright rows
Bentover Dbl/bb rows
Lat pulldowns
Cable rows

To build muscle, you have to up your protein to at least a gram per pound of lean body mass. You can get protein from tuna, lean red meat, skinless chicken, eggwhites et.c. What you do not get from your diet, you can make up with protein shakes like Optimum Plus and others that are high in Whey protein but low in sugar.

Eat 5-6 small meals a day to help keep your metabolism up. Cut any overly processed carbs. Eat complex/fiberous ones. Some fats are needed but cut polyunsaturated ones like Corn Oil. Cut your sugar intake and drink plenty of water.

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