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I have a similar build in that I also have broad shoulders, narrow hips and slender legs...with no butt to speak of. My fat is mostly in my stomach 5'6"/largeboned...I look very "H" right at the moment. Sort of a "blocky" build. Went from 245 to 175lbs in a year lifting for strength and modifying my diet.

Look to your diet to help burn more fat ....although there is no such thing as "spot reducing" this is the only way the stomach will lose the fat layer. If this is the case....only going by your measurements.

Some people's bone structure will also predispose a certain type along with the overall three basic body types of Meso (athletic), Ecto (slender) and Endomorph (pear). There some exercises that can be done to help make some changes or give an illusion of something you lack.

Do not do weighted side exercises as you will thicken the obliques and will broaden out your waist more. What you may need to do is more upper body work like presses, lateral raises/front raises to shape the shoulders. Widen the back with cable rows and lat pulldowns to give the illusion of a narrower waist. Work the lower body with squats and leg presses to build the quads, thighs and butt to give them more form .

But dont forget to look at your diet to see what you might have to "tweak".

But I know what you mean. My sister is a semi professional ethnic Middle Eastern dancer and her middle is all muscle but her structure is an "H". She never could get the small waist of a lot of women either. Mine is still fat that I have to take care of with continued diet and exercise.....although I can get into clothes sizes that I wore over 33 years ago when 165lbs. Built some muscle through all the lifting and reshaped some of my body through it though.....

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