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I've been a swimmer for about 9 years, and really a set routine is based upon what you can do - it does take some time to build up, but it sounds like you're off to a good start.

Generally one way is considered "1" lap, so you did do 5 each way - :) Good job!

I've swam so much that recently I started working more on cardio out of the pool since it doesn't seem to do much for me anymore, but a good general workout is to consider full body, then just arms, and just legs.

My typical routine was 20 freestyle laps to warm up (500 yards), then 20 laps with a booey (it goes between your legs, so you're only using your arms to swim), and then 10 kicking (I hate kicking hahah).

I wasn't much of one for mixing strokes, though honestly I should because I get a much better work out when I do. Apparently moving between breast and free is one of the best alterations you can do!

Work your way up slowly, try adding an extra lap or two every day until you have a solid routine built up and you're comfortable with the length of time you spend in the pool. Keep a close look at your stroke when you do free style or you could be over-exerting yourself without really getting the workout you like.

Basically - streamline! I've helped coach a lot of people in proper form (I was a diving coach and got flagged with helping the swimmers now and then) and it's amazing how quickly, after working on it, they can almost double their lap numbers!

Just keep working on it, your lungs have to adjust to the new work out as well, this will be really good for your injury!

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