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It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your workout routine. As a beginner stay in shape type of routine it's OK. As something you are trying to bulk up with or add a good deal of strength its lacking.
Both of your workouts include lifts that work the same muscle groups so your muscles probably aren't getting proper rest. Work the same muscles the same workout such as:

Workout 1:
Calf raises

Workout 2:
Incline bench
Both kinds of Curls
Close grip bench
upright rows
military press

If that seems like too much for one day then do a 3 day split instead of a 2 day split. I do a 4 day split by breaking legs up into 2 different days. My splits would look like this:

Chest, Biceps and forearms

Back, shoulders and Triceps

Quads, Glutes, and calves mainly

Hams and calves mainly

You've got real good basic exercises there. You may want to consider adding a few more exercises and doing more than just 2 workouts. Plenty of ways to work your splits. I gave you mine as one example. You could do back and legs one day, chest and arms another. You could do arms one day, chest and back another and then legs another, plenty of ways to go with it. Depends on what you feel comfortable with and what areas you feel may need more work and which areas not as much work.

The main problem I saw with your routine is that you are only giving your muscles really one day to rest with that routine, you need to give them 2 days rest and work them harder when you do work them by doing more lifts per muscle group.
[QUOTE=stickman]OK, so it would be better to do something like lower body on Mon and Fri, and upper body on Weds, then switch the following week?[/QUOTE]

Yes, that sounds good.

Your routine is better. Better muscle grouping with that routine.

I meant to add additional exercises to your routine. Doing that you may want to go to a 3 day split rather than a 2 day split that you are on now. Also if you add additional exercises you may want to cut down from 3 sets to 2 sets becasue you'd still be doing more overall sets just spread out over more exercises.

To find more exercises check out the website of EXRX. I can't post the address for it but if you do a google for it you'll find it and it shows video of about every weight lifting exercise there is based on which muscle you want to work and how you want to do it (dumbell, barbelll, machine, etc).

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