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When trying to create a smaller waist it often helps to increase the width of your shoulders to give the illusion of narrowness, perhaps increased shoulder and chest size would help?



I would love it if I were a natural mesomorph. I was a skinny kid who never played sports and hated exercise and only started weight lifting a year ago. My gains have been really surprising, but I doubt I'm a mesomorph. I just don't have that kind of luck.:) I think it's just because I'm new to weight lifting.

It's funny that you brought up Tom Venuto, cause he gave some really good advice about "low weight and high reps". He said that high weight is what got you the muscle in the first place and so why go back to low weight. That will only send a message to your body that you don't all that muscle.

I guess having big quads isn't so terrible. I just wish the rest of me was bigger to even things out. 23" quads and 14" calves makes my legs strange. But I am working on building my upper body more. People already tell me I have broad shoulders. I would love to widen my back and build up my shoulders and really get that classic V-shape.

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