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I have the beginnings of a beer belly coming on. Its not exactly really big like alot of guys I see, but it sure aint no 6 pack. If I suck it in, it looks very trim, lol. But when I sit, I have like 4 pronounced bulges/ creases between my stomach and chest.
I'm also beginning to get breasts. Again they're not really bad but I'm not at all happy with these pecs.

Can someone tell me any ways to directly target these areas? I see there's alot of diet info already on the board so what exercise could I do?

At the moment and for the last week I've been sticking to a fairly strict routine with my dumbells, which I've been using very frequently for a few months now.

-In a day I'll do 3 lots of 50 sit-ups, done at different times of the day.
-I'll also do around 150 press-ups a day, again broken up by doing 30 at different times of the day.

-Then I'll use my dumbells (about 8 kg each) With these I'll do the normal curls for the arms (I've built up my arms pretty good over the last few months now).

I'll also do some I've read are for pecs: one where you bend over with one knee on a bench, and raise the dumb-bell from arms length and up to your chin. And the other where you lie down and use them like a barbell, pushing up. (Forgive me, I don't know the names of these exercises.)

Other ones I'll do are stuff like lunges and those side bends.

When I do these weight exercises I'll do about 15-20 repeats of each, then sometimes repeat that set, and then move onto the next exercise.

So thats what I do every day. Can you tell me if keeping this up for a few months will reduce the fat around my stomach and pecs?
I would like a six pack and decent looking pecs but I think I'd need to do serious workouts at the gym, which I intend to do soon.
But will my present workout do anything at all with a fairly decent diet?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out.

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