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Recently I have been working out to get my body slightly more toned (swimming, running, light weight lifting etc.) and have developed a slight discomfort in my right rib cage. It almost feels like its slightly out of place. If I make a conscious effort to suck my stomach in, the bottom of my ribcage on the right almost seems to stick out slightly more than the left (I can actually move my right rib cage in a bit with my muscle). Everything looks and feels fine when my stomach is relaxed though (I have little fat in that area so the rib cage is vagually visible) Could this possibly be something that I've always had and just haven't noticed before, but because I may have pulled a muscle in that area it has been drawn to my attention? Anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?
Theres not a massive difference, or anything, but it is noticable when I make the effort to look for it.

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