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[SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Ok I have a few questions about working out but first a little background on me: (Caution this may be long)

[COLOR=Navy][I]I started working out friday morning at the gym. I did 30 min on the eliptical machine and 15 min on one of the ab machines (total of 300 reps on abs - 100 forward legs bent, 50 to each side, and 100 forward straight legs). Unfortunatley I got there a little later than I intended to so I only had time for a 45 min session. Honestly I also suprised myself by not being winded or tired at all after the 30 min cardio session. So therefore I must be in better shape than I thought. (like I said that's what I thought)

Sunday evening I had 3 hours of cheerleading practice which consisted of stunting a lot. (lifting girls into the air and such) I probably did close to 100 squats and lifts with arms (lifts comprised of me and another girl lifting a girl on top of a girl from the ground to over our heads). My entire body is feeling the pain of the night, though at practice I did not feel winded or weak at all.

Monday morning, even though I felt quite sore I went to the gym at 6am anyway. I did 30min again on the eliptical and 15 on the ab machine. It was kinda difficult due to the soreness of my body but I finished it despite that. I only was able to do 200 reps on abs (50 forward legs bent, 50 to each side, and 50 forward straight legs). I am feeling the pain today and could barely move to get out of bed this morning. I decided to take off the morning to help my body recuperate.

My main goals are to lose weight (go from 175 to 125 or from a size 11 to a size 3), tone up (main problem areas are arms, abs, back of thighs, and butt), gain strength (everywhere but mostly in arms, legs, and back). Basically I need to get back into shape for cheerleading and tumbling and I need to get uniform ready (meaning I am not taking the competition floor in a half top with a huge stomach). Main competitions start in February but I would like to at least be halfway to my goal by the holidays.

I will be working with my cheer coach privately one night a week on tumbling so that will give me a decent arm, leg, and ab workout but definately not enough. (probably on thursday nights) I also will have a 3 hour practice on sunday nights for cheer (tumbling, stunting, dancing, and jumping). I plan to workout every weekday before work for at least an hour.

Ok now a little about me. I am 24, female, was a cheerleader for 14 years, coached cheer and gymnastics for 3 years, and used to be in good shape. I took off a year from cheerleading about 4 years back and I gained weight. It has been a slow process in trying to lose it. Until recently I was overweight but firm (meaning no cellulite and squishy body parts). Recently though since dieting I have lost muscle mass and I seem to be getting soft. I believe I am in the mind set to reach my goals now though. I am currently doing the Atkins diet though every few weeks I take a day off and have something like a taco or burrito (this seems to keep me in the mind set though I know it kills the diet for 3 days).

My basic diet for the past week consisted of:
[B]Breakfast:[/B] 2 egg omlette w/ bacon and ham
[B]Lunch: [/B] Small salad w/ low carb dressing (salad consists of lettuce, egg, 2 small tomatos, broccoli, and cauliflower. Sometimes meat such as fish or chicken or steak.
[B]Dinner: [/B] roasted chicken, cheeseburger no bun, or low carb sandwich from Quiznos. Also usually a small salad or broccoli and cauliflower.
[B]Dessert: [/B] Low carb ice cream, beef jerkey, low carb cheesecake, or low carb peanut butter (2 tbls)
[B]Beverages:[/B] Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper, or Water

The last 2 days though I have gone off the low cab thing and had spaghetti last night for dinner and a pancake for breakfast today. The carbs seem to have given me a little more energy than yesterday during the day but I plan to go back onto the diet. (I attribute some of my lack of energy to the fact that I got very little sleep the night before)[/I][/COLOR]

Ok, now the questions:

1) I am not sure if I should wait another day before working out again to try to get over being so sore. Literally I think every muscle is sore. (Literally it hurts to do any type of movement including breathing) I think I might head to a hot tub tonight to try to loosen the muscles.

2) Am I going about it the right way to lose weight fairly quickly and gain muscle at the same time?

3) With this intensity in workout should I change diets?

4) Would lower weight and more reps be better than fewer reps but more weight?

5) Is the eliptical machine ok for cardio? I want to gradually get my body used to working out and not sure if high impact like running is a good thing yet.[/FONT][/SIZE]

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