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Weird body shape
Oct 7, 2004
I am a 6 ft 150 pound male. I have been working out, weights and cardio, for about a month now. My muscle mass is increasing but it was never very much to begin with. My body fat level is going down but i am still flabby around the mid section. My problem is that all my fat seems to go to my stomach and posterior and my arms and legs are like noodles. I am doing a good job at making my arms and legs bigger but i cant seem to get at this stomach. Im not fat just flabby and i guess the increased ab muscle size makes it look worse. My bones also seem to be much thicker in my chest and torso than in my arms and legs. My problem is that i feel like losing this would take losing all that fat i have since it is all in that area. I would be all the way down to 140 lbs by then! My question is what is a good way to lose fat and increase muscle at the same time. I dont want to lose anymore wieght but i do want to lose fat. I am weaker than most other men at the gym but i try and i have gone up about 30 lbs in resistance since i started! I typically go 3 times a week. Each time i start with a 5 mile run, then i do either upper or lower body weightlifting (altenates each time i go), then a 15 minute cool down on a stair machine - totaling in about 4 hrs per visit. What more do I have to do? I am to exhausted and sore to go more than 3 days a week and i really dont have time being that i am in school right now. Will i need a special diet like aitkens to get what i want. I do have a snacking problem but i dont think i eat more than 1300 calories a day. Anything work for you? :confused:
Thanks for such a detailed and informative reply! I wasn't expecting that but i will take your advise. Opon further evaluation of my calorie intake i forgot to factor in all the stuff i drink like milk and gatorade. I also go nuts with snack food like today where i ate a whole family size bag of Tostito's with a whole jar of con quesa sause. I also tend to drink alot of calories like i drank a galon of milk yesterday. I guess the truth is there are days i eat 1300 calories but for the most part it is in the 2000 calorie range or even higher. I guess i do need to tone it down a bit. I make sure to eat plenty of protien though. I dont want to look like my pasta loving friend who is so skinny he practically 2-D. :jester: As for the cardio, i tend to run kinda fast so i get 5 miles in about 35 minutes. I do find that i cannot do as much weight the further i run before lifting. I try to do an equal balance of cardio and anarobic. I dont know if i am truely an ectomorph because i dont really get sore upper body no matter how much weight i do. But i did start off rather weak and muscleless. The thing is i started a new exercise, squats, and that is what has been making my legs sore. Plus i tend to do all my upper body in one session then all lower body in the next. That is about 15 different exercises at 3 sets each per session! I have been gaining muscle and my upper arms are getting much larger so this method must be working for me. I wish i could say the same for my forearms. I dont want to break it up and go everyday. Not enough time. I guess the key for me would be less snaking or perhaps i need a different combination of food? Is there any particular diet good for those wanting fat loss and muscle gain? My stomach is flat it is just that the skin is a little loose and noticable when i am sitting, when i stand my abs are hard. I'm by no means fat i just want to be a bit leaner. I would like my stomach to be hard even while im sitting. Thanks again for the reply!

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