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I noticed the last post was talking about NO FAT. But I am wondering from what you said. Did you want to gain pounds through having more muscle? Or did you want to gain pounds and muscle? From my impression, it was muscle and pounds, but correct me if I'm wrong. Football players for example would want both. Wrestlers may too. Depends on what you're going for.

If you didn't mean pounds and muscle, then maybe you ought to forget the rest of my post. Why did you pick a protein shake anyhow? Was it because of convience or because you thought it was the only way to gain? The best way to gain, fat and muscle or just muscle, is just eating good (together with a weight routine of course). Even though everyone cringes when I say it, peanut butter is great. Whether we like it or not, or bodies do use fats for the inner workings of our bodies. Its just that normally, we get too much fat in the day. Peanut butter is great for you in limited quanities. So if you're making a weight gainer shake, throw in a tablespoon of peanut butter. It's got a decent amount of protein and essential fats.

Also try different foods. Cottage cheese (1 or 2% I suggest) and milk are both good for bulking up. Conversely, if cutting you probably want to stray from diary quite a bit. I'm surprised nobody even mentions tuna. Gosh, it's got to be one of my favorite proteins. A whole can of tuna is maybe 200 calories. Combine that with boiled egg whites and put on toasted got two fairly big sandwiches. And it's low calorie and huge protein. If you're really hardcore...try this site:

Hope that's helpful. Remember don't be scared of fat but be careful in how much you intake too.

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