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Re: Desperate
Dec 10, 2004
Your legs wont get "small" if you do cardio, they'll just lose fat, which is usually considered to be good. Also, if there isnt much fat to burn on the lower body, then its going to burn from the upper body.

Cardio and dieting is the solution.
Re: Desperate
Dec 15, 2004
It's the old Apple vs. Pear shape. I think I'm an apple too so welcome to the family...

Seriously though, even if you are losing from your legs, you're losing from your upper body too. You can't spot train to lose weight in a particular area. Think of you body like a blown up balloon. You can't just let air out of part of it, like the top part or lower part. If you let air out, it's out of the whole balloon. Same way with your body and fat. If you lose it, you lose it overall not just in sections like your legs or arms.

Eventually there will be no more fat to suck up from your legs and most of your fat burning attention will be drawn to your upper body. It'll catch up in time. Just keep exercising.

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